Tuesday, May 10, 2011


He yelled my name with sounds of glee when he spotted me walking toward the kitchen door where his little nose was pressed. I can't think of anyone in my whole life that gets excited like that when they see me. I lowered myself to look at him, his twinkle blues even with mine, but he was ready for hugs. After a quick but convincing embrace, he took my face in his little hands, looked into my eyes and said, "kiss!" then planted a moisture enhanced big one on my cheek. A holy kiss. I smiled the rest of the day!

This little man is joy on two feet! He has a joy wiggle in every step he takes! Delight defines him. Adorable! Wonderful! So much fun! Energy, busy . . . yes!

I honestly cannot get enough of him.

My encounter with Miah changed my whole day. Knowing him might possibly change my whole life. The joy wiggle is contagious. I splashed a jolly spirit all over a whole lot of people. Oh, the power of it!

I am heading back over to visit Miah tomorrow to see if I can catch it again!

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