Wednesday, October 16, 2013

 The Call

 The word "Gethsemane" is on this page of my dictionary. Do you see it? It is on the lower right hand side. I didn't see it until I was posting this photo. I flipped open the book, set it down, took a picture, posted it . . . and there it was. 

Gethsemane . . .

I haven't even read the definition yet, but I got the message. 

Gethsemane . . . that place where Jesus surrendered His will for the Father's. 

(prayer)"I surrender, Lord"
It is not right to compare a calling to His cross. He carried our sin to the cross. It was ugly. The sinless One bearing grotesque sin of all mankind. His body torn and bloody.  No, I can't compare my calling to His. Not in that way.

On a much smaller scale, I can relate to the wrestling match of wills. The sheer determination it takes to lay down my will for His will. 

Hesitantly, I have picked up my "pen" once again. I am leaning on Him, relying heavily on Him. I am hoping for this kind of message to come every time I write, my friend. The kind where God wants to say something to us and so He does. He can use one word and speak volumes. 


Are you a writer? I have recently joined an online group for writers called (click on it here) "Compel"  It has inspired me so much and helped me reach a level of focus that I have never attained to before. I highly recommend.

My bucket list is evolving in the first part of this journal (above). The second half is filled with goals for my writing and a few other areas of my life. I wrote them down yesterday. Do you have a bucket list? What is number one on it? Dare I share one of mine with you? #6 on my b-list: Write at least one children's book and have it published. Can you recommend an illustrator? What about goals. Have you written your goals down? What area of your life are you super focused on right now?

One of my goals is to stretch my vocabulary. I am going to try to add a few new words every week. I receive Merriam Webster's Word for the Day in my inbox every morning. I have been receiving a new word every day for years. I am going to take it to a new level and write of few of them and their definitions down in this little notebook (above). I will write a sentence about the word and hopefully will be able to retain their meanings . 

I'm going to keep reading books about writing. I found the one pictured above at a garage sale last Saturday. It was 25 cents well spent. Thank you, Mr. Zinsser! There are so many good books about writing out there. Scotty (my husband) says I should write one. I think he is thinking of the $ because we writers like to read about writing more than we like to write. I'm not sure how he knows this. On Writing Well is my favorite book about writing . . . at the moment.

Community helps so much! I sensed a kindred spirit when I attended a local Christian Writer's Group last month. I was so inspired by their accomplishments, their goals, but most of all their warm hospitality. I can hardly wait for the next meeting!

I have been running away from this and like callings for a long time. I have felt like a Jonah, sleeping in the bottom of a boat on stormy seas, having nightmares about whale's breath. Well, that is how I used to be. Now I feel like Peter, out of the boat, walking on water, looking at Jesus, knees shaking . . . wind and waves threaten. I'm trusting, though, that should I fall . . . instantly He will offer me His hand and come to my rescue!

Blessings to all writers out there! I would love to hear from you. What are you doing to keep the writing embers stirred? If you are not a writer, what is your calling and do you ever wrestle with God about it? What tools have you found that inspire you to keep going?

"And He was withdrawn from them about a stone's throw, and He knelt down and prayed saying, 'Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.'" Luke22:41-42


Joyful said...

Well Cheri, if you've already read my FB message to you, you know it's not readership that keeps me writing. Many days I write for the audience of One, and I long for that One to be all I need.

I too went out and purchased a new notebook, lined paper etc... My journal isn't nearly as adorable as yours THAT would give me inspiration! Where did you find that? TOO CUTE!

As for goals, I'm not certain. I long to author a book, or even a page in a book...something lasting.

I love when Scripture profoundly penetrates our heart with small phrases or words. A single word can be more powerful than a sentence...especially when God is The Word. Doesn't it thrill you that every Word in Scripture is God breathed! Oh a lifetime of learning, understanding and applying.

Continue on Cheri. I love walking beside you on this "compelled" journey,

Cheri Bunch said...

I love that about you, Joy! It comes through your messages so beautifully! I share your heart! You can find the journal here. I love it!

I'm thrilled, my friend! Super thrilled!

You, too, Joy! I feel the same! You make the journey so much more fun!

With you arm in arm~

Kansaskathy said...

You have such an abundance of things coming from your heart. Thank you for sharing! If I am ever inspired to be a writer, you will have been the spark. I don't even think I have a desire to write.BUT I love to read!

Janet Stevens and David Shannon are my favorite children's illustrators.

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Hi Cheri - I love this post! There's something that stirs in our hearts when we are with others who share our passion. We are so glad you joined us at COMPEL.

Cheri Bunch said...

Kathy and Glynnis!

Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. It was so good to hear from you.