Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A friend called me last night.

 She has a friend who needs a friend. She needs someone who has left footprints on the tough road she is walking now . . . she has been abandoned by her circle. They are weary of providing a shoulder for her tears. 

Would I? Could I step into her world of devastation and be a reliever for a bit of time? 

I want to. I am familiar with the ache of her wound. Healing has come now, joy restored and I feel strength to hold her hand while she travels on this difficult path.

I cannot fix her soul nor can I fix her trial, but I can walk through fire with her as one who has been through fire . . . this particular fire. 

I will pray that her outcome will be as good as mine. I want to tell her that eventually relief will come and all pieces of her wrecked life will be neatly placed back into their appointed grooves. I want that for her, but I have learned that it might not be so. There are times when life's puzzles are completed with pieces missing.

This is her story. It will be her testimony. God will use different means to bring different ends. Someday she will tell how she survived . . . she will be able to explain what it was like to be carried as one who has been in His arms.

 Earthly companions often fail us in these times. They run out of words that comfort. I might run out of words,my shoulder might grow weary. As long as there is grace I want to be there for her. 

I am praying that a season of rejoicing will come. That she will experience the kind of joy you have when the prodigal comes home, the healthy baby is born, or someone is healed of deadly disease. 

"Lord, let her life be heading for happy times."

My pastor made a statement on Sunday that continues to echo in my mind. "Jesus did not come so that we would not have to suffer, He came to save our souls." 

I have felt the agony of suffering . . . I realize there are degrees . . . I know that mine has been minimal compared to others. When you are in your valley it doesn't seem so . . . it doesn't seem possible that anyone could hurt more than you are hurting, but there is always a deeper level of suffering happening somewhere in the world. In times of suffering it is difficult to see beyond your own world. There is no other world . . . at least for awhile. Who has strength for it? The Lord knows this.

The Lord has done great things for me. He has rescued me from the trial my new friend is experiencing . . . "Thank you, God!!!" It wasn't instant relief . . . it came with time . . . but respite from storm finally settled in. 

I will tell my new friend that the Lord did not instantly deliver me out of my experience of pain, but He was faithful and always with me. I will try to be that for her, but I will also make sure she knows that I will not be able to carry her . . . He is the one who carries.He is the only one who can. 

"He will lead His flock like a shepherd, He will gather the lambs with His arm, And carry them in His bosom, And gently lead those who are with young." Isaiah 40:11


Joyful said...

So wise to immediately tell your new friend that it is ONLY God who can carry her. I unfortunately became a functional god to a gal I tried to help. Then, she became a false god to me. Even against the warnings of others I continued to try to minister to the many needs surrounding and within this gal. After just over 3 years the Lord clearly told me to "depart". As my Pastor has said, "the rescue ship was filling up with sea water". I was loosening my hold the "The Anchor" that keeps my soul, and drifting in seas of compromise.

May the Lord use you as a vessel of His love to minister to this dear one. I encourage you to stay in His Word daily (I know you are/do) and let Him guide. Continue to ask Him to show you how to meet her needs and may it all be for His glory.

Love you Cheri,
PS. Hope this doesn't sound "harsh" in any way, just cautioning because of a very recent situation I chose to help instead of heeding God's warnings. Having a tender heart I will continue to help others, but I've learned much through this experience and God is increasing discernment and I'm listening more and receiving my prompting from His Holy Spirit.

Cheri Bunch said...

It does not sound harsh at all! As always, your words are seasoned with grace. Thank you, Joy! You make me smile! You are such a dear sister! Thank you for warning me. I feel your desire to protect me. I love that!

I have tried to be a "rescue ship" in the past. I'm hoping that my new friendship won't be like that.

I have had other experiences when I have reached out to minister but it was I who most benefited from the relationship. The Lord has been so good and has used various things to teach me many things.

Thank you for your blessing, too. You have been so faithful to pray for me. I am so blessed to call you friend.

Enjoy your special day with your sweetheart! Happy 25th Anniversary! May you and Gord have many more years of happiness!

Blessings and love,
ps.When I was proofreading this, I noticed that I had left the r out of Gord. It said, "May you and God . . ." May I correct? May you and Gord and God have many more years of happiness! :)