Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fabulous Fun Fridays/ Josiah's Haircut

I guess this is Josiah week.
I love the memory of the day I took him to see Ray, the barber.
First of all, let me introduce you to Ray. He is the most gentle, kind, loving man you ever met. My boys really love him. He had to retire from cutting hair, but we all still adore him!
When Josiah was you all can picture him..... : ) (November 18 post)
I took him to see Ray to get his hair cut.
Ray was always so good to give the boys a piece of Super Bubble Bubblegum after their
haircut was finished. Ray stored the gum in a little round tin on the counter. After Josiah's haircut that day, Ray reached for the tin, opened it and let Josiah take his piece of gum. Ray started to put the lid on the tin when I said, "Josiah, what do you say?" He looked right up at Ray with those charming blue eyes and said, "Oh yeah, Ray, can my momma have a piece?"
It had not even occurred to the child that I wanted him to say "thank you!"

Well, girls, I got a piece of gum that day! I happen to love Super Bubble!!!!!

Oh that boy can make me smile!!!!!

Have an awesome weekend filled with bubbling laughter, sweet smiles, and a multitude of joy!

I love you all!


Joyful said...

Cheri, you have called me to remember taking Christopher for his haircuts when he was about the same age as Josiah. I actually took him to a lady who owned a clothing store, but at the back of the store she had a hair salon. It was especially designed for children with a TV so they could watch movies, toys to play with, a Merry-Go-Round horse etc...

Well, she always gave out candy too. However, this one day SHE reached into her candy jar and handed Chris a candy which he promptly dropped on the floor - an unwrapped candy on the floor covered in hair clippings - and SHE picked it up, brushed it off and handed it to him. UGGG!!!! I shutter still. Anyway, he was wise enough not to put it in his mouth and when we got outside I threw it out and promised him another candy treat.

Your story is so much sweeter :o)

Have a great weekend,
Love & prayers,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That is adorable, Cheri. Very precious. I just love the mindset of children and what they say.

Last Friday God gave us a gorgeous sunset. As we went to Tgiving dinner at church, my youngest niece (5) noticed it. I was so disappointed that my cell phone would not capture the gorgeous orange colors. When we arrive at the church parking lot, she said "That is so beautiful. I just can't take my eyes off of it." Is that not only precious but beautiful coming from a five year old.

I feel I should record it somewhere. She is always saying things way beyond her years.

melissa said...

Memories are great!!! I love making memories with my kids, because I know that before I know it, they won't be little anymore!! Have a great day!!!

Daveda said...

Hi Cheri,
Happy Thanksgiving, I was reading through some...okay all, of the testimonies from Heathers Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving and I stumbled across your blog once more.
Just wanted to say hello, and Happy Thanksgiving.