Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fabulous Fun Fridays/ My Momma Says!

Our fourth child, Luke, came into the world with the idea that he was going to get something accomplished.  He didn't waste any time. He began to crawl at breakneck speed at four and a half months. He would disappear in our house so fast and we would frantically have to look for him. 

He loved to hide.  Even at his very young age he could find a place to crawl into, wait silently, and enjoy our panic as we searched for him. He would be listening as we frantically called his name. He would be so very still and then burst into a rapture of giggles when we finally discovered his hiding place. After he was found he would laugh and roll all over the floor. He never hid in the same place twice!

I was very thin in those days, in the best of shape, because keeping up with Luke was a daily workout! Did I mention that he was our fourth child? He could have kept me on the run all by his little lonesome..........but there were three others that kept me on the go as well!

Luke really was an amazing child, agile, and so coordinated! We still marvel at some of his tricks. 

That was Luke in action.

He was also very vocal! He could scream...........really scream! He could twist my nerves like a pretzel. I would say, "Give him what he wants! Please stick it in his mouth! Quick!"
I never professed to be the best mother in the world. I was not thinking of my child at that time, nor the possibility that this could develop a very selfish and spoiled nature! I was thinking only of myself........I needed him to be I had a serious breakdown!

(He fared very well, regardless. He is a very compassionate and thoughtful young man. Could we call this grace? Thank you, Jesus!)

He really was a good kid! Even at the age of two or so he was obedient and felt that everyone should be! He would say to everyone that came along, "My momma says!" Over and over that was his defense! He thought if he added "my momma says" to everything he wanted it would validate his wishes. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it was obvious that he attached my approval when it in fact I would not have said so. For instance:

"You cannot go outside barefoot. There is snow on the ground."

His reply, "My momma says.........!"

"You cannot have ice cream because it is almost supper time."

His reply, "My momma says.........!"

"You have to go to bed now."

"My momma says.........!"

"You need to eat your green beans,"  I said.

That time he set his gaze on my face, his beautiful green eyes outlined with the most gorgeous lashes you have ever seen and said, "My momma says........!"

To which I replied, "I AM the momma!"

There is a spiritual application in this story! Really there is! I have thought about it so many times! What do you see? 

Luke was so much fun to raise! Oh, I was busy, for sure! I couldn't ever say that I was bored! There was plenty of adventure in our house. We called Caleb and Luke "Chip and Dale" and they made life very interesting! I could tell you stories! Some great stories! Another Friday will come and I will share some of them. I think they will make you smile.

For now, have a great weekend filled with many joys and smiles! Blessings to all!

I love you, Sisters!!!!!



Ashli said...

Those were the days!
He could exasperate you and then have you laughing 5 seconds later.
Funny, I just realized that he still kind of does that...
And those one legged horse riding days were something we still have that on home video somewhere??!?
I just read this book about leadership called Shackleton something or other...about one of the early explorers to the antarctic. You should read it, it's good stuff...
This post reminded me of it for some reason...
BTW - I really miss you and am counting down the days

Joyful said...

Oh, if only I could respond to everything with, "My Father says...", my Heavenly Father that is!

Sounds like you really had your hands full. My son didn't crawl until about a week before he learned to walk. As we celebrated that accomplishment many years ago, this afternoon we attended his High School Commencement for last year - Grade 10 - where he received 3 awards. They grow up so quickly.

Cherishing each moment,

Laura said...

Does he still say ,"My Mamma says..."? If not, someday he will again...
We get wiser as they get older, you know. Just like our parents!

Cheri Bunch said...

Luke is 20 these days. He no longer says, "My momma says!" around me anyway. But it seems he does respect what Scotty and I say. That is a blessing! His appreciation will most likely grow with time.
Thanks for stopping by y'all!