Thursday, February 5, 2009

Answers to Heart Cries

In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He heard me. Psalm 120:1

One of my close friends called the other day. I caught words between her sobs.......
Her child was making wrong choices. Despair had shrouded peace....

The enemy was dangling a prize before the eyes of her daughter, hypnotizing her will to his ways. She was intrigued, drawn, intoxicated with his false promises. Light left her eyes and she began to run after the lie. 

My friend could read the danger on the path, "Bridge Out Ahead! Turn Around!" Her daughter could not see it, not believe it when warned.

Heaviness. Restlessness. Despair. Garments designed for those without hope shrouded my friend.

A fight began. My friend turned up the praise, got on her face, shouting the Word in the face of her foe. The enemy had met a tough match. Tenacity began to well up and faith began to rise. There would be no letting up until the victory had been won. 

Breakthrough! Sleep overcame my friend in the presence of God. The Lord did not sleep. He continued the fight as she lay on her face before Him.........

She awoke with new hope in her heart. 

She looked around at the evidence of change  welcomed her. 

Her knees began to buckle.

The enemy sneered at her moment of weakness. 

"Turn up the praise! Speak the promises! Believe!"

My friend wrestled for her daughter's life!

"Destiny, Lord, I am believing for my child's destiny in You!" 

It was intense! Hard! She persevered!

She thought, "I must DO something!" 

She tried! The Lord stopped her.

She praised! She prayed! She believed!!!!!

The battle lasted for days! Moments of breakthrough. Moments of peace intermingling with intense war for a child's destiny in the Lord!

Days passed. A week passed.

In the middle of the night.........last night........victory came! 

The Lord's presence filled the room of the daughter. She was afraid. He began to speak.
"I love you, child!" 

Over and over He reassured her whispering His affection for her. She felt His embrace.
She knew that nothing else could satisfy.

She heard. She repented. She was delivered. Now she is free. Really free! 

Deception is gone! Every trace of the power of the lie has been erased!

My friend called moments ago.......tears sown has brought a harvest of joy........

My friend's shield of faith is still in place, the sword of the Spirit is out of it's sheath..........her heart is yielded........she is standing firm........

When she called I mentioned my son to her and she began to pray...........and take up another fight for a child's destiny.....

We share a common desire, this friend of mine and I........we want the next generation to live out their God-ordained destiny! And until we see and know that they are strong and the baton has effectively been passed to them, we will continue to do battle, together! May they come along behind us stronger than we have ever been! 

Praising Him for the Victory!!!!!!




Paula (SweetPea) said... awesome to see such pain brought to such victory THROUGH praise. There is so so much power in praising Him in the midst of the storm. Oh how I pray for such victory, for such deceit to be stomped in the life and heart of my beloved. You know my story and oh how I could feel the rejoicing in this story of your friend. I can only imagine the feel of victory when my beloved turns his course much life your friend's daughter. We won't get off our knees though until it happens, huh?

Praise the Lord for His mighty power to transform hearts and lives.
Love you, girlfriend.

Joyful said...

Oh, Cheri, praising the Lord for what He is doing and for victory won.

This reminded me of the second session at our Ladies Day on Saturday. Our speaker shared about this next generation coming up and implored us all to be on our knees on their behalf. She invited everyone present to come forward and kneel and pray for those in our families under the age of 21. We spoke their names out loud and cried out to God to capture their hearts and prayed that they would never turn away from truth.

Praying this next generation will be strengthened in the Lord,