Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer Request

It has been awhile since I have been able to post.

How I have missed all of you!!!! 

Scotty and I went to Texas and spent several days there. We got to see family and some friends. 
I will be sharing stories from our trip as the Lord leads. 

This morning I come with a request.

Last year at this time I was in India.........

I spent several days in India and then went to the country of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island off of the east coast of India. 

It is a worn torn country as civil war rages all around. Many have been killed in the hostile environment there. Many that die are innocent bystanders who are victims of war.

I was humbled as I met members from the church there. They rise at one or two in the morning to spend hours in prayer before their work day begins. Their faces shine with His presence and when I met them I could barely hold back the tears when I beheld  the beauty of their countenance. 

The precious orphans that I met in Sri Lanka stole my heart! I received a card they had drawn for me on my birthday that said, "Happy birthday, Aunty Cheri!"

 Many of them watched their family members killed. Some watched their moms, dads, sisters, brothers buried in mass graves following the tsunami. 

They were rescued and are presently in a Christian orphanage and are cradled in the Father's love for them. They attend a Christian school.........all public schools  teach Buddhism so private schooling is necessary to help them in their godly training. 

My plea is this. Sri Lanka will be voting on a bill tomorrow that will take away all Christian freedoms. If this goes into affect the church will have to go underground. There will not be Christian anything! Publicly that is! This is scary for all.  Would you join me in prayer. The next 24 hours are crucial for Sri Lanka! 

I realize that an underground church is usually the most prosperous, powerful, and thriving church.........persecution breeds tenacity in true believers..........but my heart is for those that I love there..........

Please, please pray!

Thank you dear friends!

I will be back soon!

Love you,


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, Cheri, I understand your heaviness and your plea. We pray, Father God, that you would intervene in this situation. Lord, may your power take heed in this country as they decide whether to silence your children. Lord be with these so very close to Cheri's heart. Give them strength Father for whatever the future holds. Lord, may you overturn this bill and decision that will slow down your Gospel being spred. Yet, we know, even with this bill, no one can silence you and your children. Protect them Lord as they seek you in public or in silence.

Cheri, We know what we want for them and ask in faith the Father would do it. However, as you said, the underground are some of the most vivacious and powerful ones. Whatever it takes to bring more to Christ, amen? That's the true end result. As we know in this life, God gets glory in the worst of situations. I plead with the Father to take my pain and situation and JUST restore my marriage. Yet, we know it's not a matter of JUST doing it. It's about further His gospel even if only through you and me as individuals. So, we tarey on in hopes that either way, more people know the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Love you, girlfriend.

Joyful said...

Writing down your request and will be in prayer. Please let us know the outcome of this vote. May God's will be done.

Praying for you as well,
with love,

Messenger International said...

May God's favor and light continue to shine as you pursue His plans for those who are broken.

We'd love for you to check out John & Lisa Bevere's blogs... - the ministry sharing life-transforming truth - the outreach fighting human trafficking

Blessings to you and yours, Cheri!