Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Search for Favorites

The search began with Caleb. He would run into the room saying, "Mom, I found your favorite song." 

He would proceed to play the song (on You Tube or such) for me to evaluate and confirm that it was indeed my most favorite song. 

The quest was passed on to Luke and now Josiah has picked up this trend. They all three have been on this mission for several years now to discover the song that will be deemed my very favorite.

This is a very difficult quest as I love so many songs that I am not sure I have ever had one that has been my very favorite.....I have lots of favorites.

Sometimes their choices are just to get a rise........they KNOW that I will not favor the song that they share with me........

They love to see me wince at the thought of making their selection my favorite. Sometimes I surprise them by making them think that I am falling in love with their pick. They love it when I do this. They quickly recognize that I am playing their game!

Last evening Josiah burst into the kitchen confident that he had found my favorite movie!!!!

Movies now!!!!

I couldn't imagine what it might be that he had discovered..........

He put in a video of a very old cartoon of Gulliver's Travels. I had just put supper in the oven so I joined him on the couch and we watched this delightful tale together. It was soooo cute! It had a lot of operatic singing........not sure Josiah was really into that part........I am not sure that it was my favorite video in the whole world..........but it was a treasured moment shared  with Josiah...........

Josiah is seventeen. Last week he enrolled in his senior classes for school for next year. He is our baby. The last to fly away from this nest called home. 

It blesses me that he thinks of me when he hears a song or sees a movie........it blesses me that he would think, "I wonder if this one will be her favorite?"
Is this normal for teenagers.........boys..........to try to find their mom's favorite of anything??????????

I don't know if it is possible to find my favorite song..........
or movie..........

but I can tell you for sure that there are three boys that are among my favorite people in the whole world..........

Caleb, Luke, and Josiah.............

Have I mentioned Josh, Ashli, and Drake...........in that line up?????? They are in my group of favorite people too.........and now we have a new Ashley........

Do you think that the Lord is looking for something that is your favorite today?

Maybe your favorite verse...........



or moment?

I think He loves us so much that He is always trying to wow us with a new favorite..........
I can just hear Him saying, "I think I found your favorite...........!" Then He waits for you and I to come and share it with Him.

I hope you find a new favorite today............and when you do, think of Him who picked it out (or made it) just for you!!!!!

You are my favorites!



Joyful said...

Cheri, my heart is always refreshed visiting here. Every moment spent with you is my favourite too!

My almost 17 year old son (4 more months) put together an entire playlist of Mom's Songs back in June all on his own. He sent his MP3 player with me as I travelled to NC, and my heart was so touched by the songs he chose just for me. He truly does know his mother well.

Keeping my eyes and ears open for the favourite thing the Lord will reveal to me today.
Love, prayers and hugs,

Laura said...

I think I've fixed the problem! Let me know if I"m not back on your followers. That crazy blogger changed all my blogs to "follow Anonymously". Every one!

Your Josiah sounds like a doll. What a great way for him to share his heart with you.

A special guy for a special mom.

Love you, friend!

Cheri Bunch said...

Rereading this post brings regret that I hadn't worked a bit harder on it. This is a true story! And it could have been painted with eloquence, but I couldn't wait to share it with you. I wish you could have been here. It was so special!

Thanks for sharing, girls!

Laura, you are back.......so grateful!!!!

Blessings to all my favorite ones!

Love ya,