Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fabulous Fun Fridays/Childlike

My husband and his brother look soooo much alike. In fact they look more alike all the time! We live in Kansas and Scotty's brother lives in Houston, Texas so we hardly ever have the privilege of being together. Whenever we area together questions always arise:

"Are you twins?"

"Which one is older?" 

It is always mind boggling to everyone who sees them together. 
One time I was hugging my husband in my in-laws kitchen. My father-in-law walked in and with a wild, "Hey!!!!!!!" 

He thought I was hugging Terry! No, I was hugging Scotty! "To have and to hold..........." It was okay!

I can keep them straight so far!!!! 

We had not been to Houston to see Terry and Kathy and all their many kids and grandkids for over a year.

While we were there a couple of weeks ago we went to visit Terry's son, Kyle and his family. Kyle has two very cute little girls, Haley (5) and Emily (3).

Terry stepped into their house first with Scotty following close behind him.
Haley ran into the room to jump into her pappa's arms when she looked up and saw what seemed to be two of him. 

"Pappa, how did you do that?!!!!" she exclaimed.

I couldn't help but think how Haley had demonstrated childlike faith. 
She believes her pappa can do absolutely anything.........even clone himself!!!!!
She didn't ask Terry "IF" he had made another one of himself, she asked "HOW?"

I wish you could've heard the wonder in her little voice and the amazement in her eyes when she asked her pappa how he had made another one of him. I have replayed it in my mind over and over hoping that it will stay with me forever.

I read a book recently by Ravi Zacharias that spoke of childlike wonder. It is one of my favorite reads ever. It is called Recapture the Wonder. Haley demonstrated what Ravi so wonderfully expresses in his book. 

Just four quotes:

"Wonder is that possession of the mind that enchants the emotions while never surrendering reason."

"Wonder knows that while you cannot look at the light you cannot look at anything else without it."

"It (wonder) is not exhausted by childhood but finds its key there."

"Wonder and music go hand in hand. Wonder cannot help but sing. Even nature recognizes that."

I pause and reflect on the wonder I saw in Haley's eyes and look at my Lord with a fresh awe and say  "How did You do that?????" 

How did you hang the stars in place?

How did you form that beautiful baby in the womb?

How did you tell the birds how to build their nests?

How do you take a sinner and make a new creature in Christ?

Isn't He Wonderful??????

Have a fun weekend, friends!

Love you,


Corrie said...

Awesome post! Boy do they look alike! Gaylen always says that Luke looks alot like his uncle when we've seen Terry! Miss you, girl!

Laura said...

How did He do that?

I love your story and it makes a wonder-ful point. :)

You have reminded me to focus on those amazing things He has done today!

Love to you, friend.


p.s. your email made my day :)

Joyful said...

Oh how I needed the reminder that God can do anything today.

Less than 24 hours ago received news that my Dad has cancer. Uncertainties lie ahead, but thank you for helping me focus on the truth - our God of wonder is able.

Thanks Cheri,
Love ya,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love this. I love the story you told of your fil mistaken his own kids. Hailey's innocence and instant faith if precious. If only, we (or I) could have that ALL the time and instant, without doubt, without hesitation or question.

I'd love to see a picture of Scotty and Terry if you want to email it to me. No big deal if you don't or can't....just curious to see. I know my brother and I were always mistaken for twins because he was held back in first grade and we were always in the same grade. We moved in sixth grade and everyone swore we were twins. The similiarity has faded with time and age.
Doing okay today. Had a great crying session in our Bible study group last night. I've really received great encouragement from it.
Love ya,