Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme Believing

I wish that there had been such a thing as blogging when my  children were tots. I kept a journal for each one of them as they were growing up and tried desperately to capture their darling expressions and their words of wonder and songs of joy, but truth is, I failed to capture so much. They all had amazing faith. They believed God for everything. My faith would begin to wane when the fire got hot and the trials became intense but theirs never failed. And God heard them. They would pray and He would answer and they saw the works of His hands and they believed for the impossible and He would quickly respond to their words of petition again and again. I was humbled time after time. They believed for the extreme without fear ... without criticism ... without doubt. They just believed. 
I envy young mommas who can capture amazing moments with their children and share it beyond their journal pages to minister to others so that extreme believing might spread. 
My friend Laura has shared a beautiful story titled, Breathe, about the faith of her son. Her story ministered very deeply to my heart.  As you read it, I hope that you will be blessed into extreme believing, too.



Laura said...

Oh, Cheri. You are so sweet to notice my boy's faith! He inspires me daily. We call him our little "preacher man" because he just seeks after God with all his heart. Sometimes I need to be reminded to seek the way he does.

You always bless me so.

luv you.

myletterstoemily said...

dear cheri,

i feel just the same as you. my children
were always my most faithful prayer
warriors and still are arrows in my

i visited laura's sweet "breathe" thank you.