Friday, September 17, 2010

Wild Plums

This post is to be read with a LARGE dose of humor. I was in a store the other day and there was a little girl with her momma. The momma was past ready to leave but the child was intrigued with something in the store and did not want to. Momma beckoned child again ... was it the third time? ... and the momma used the child's first and middle names. The child immediately rose and walked away with her momma. The momma did not use the child's name in anger, no, it was rather like she loved the name and was blessed that she got to use it with audience. Thus this story formed in my mind.  The scene brought back memories of when my children were small and they would not come when I called them. I love their names. I dreamed of being a momma long before I got to be one and I meditated long hours on what my children's names might be someday. 
My daughter was in India when she was 18 and our youngest was a boy of 8. He would write to his sister and say, "Ashli, come home ... right now!!!" He missed her and that is how he let her know ... thus the reason for the end of this tale.
My children are grown and gone ... my youngest will leave in two months. Their childhood lives on in the 10 million memories that I cherish. 

Looking back, I'm so grateful that my children didn't always respond the first time that I called their names to come to dinner, etc.  ... sometimes they failed to respond the second or third time, too! ... It gave me opportunity to use their middle names which, when choosing, took me so long to decide upon and so long for my husband and I to agree upon.

Joshua David
Ashli Elizabeth
Caleb Scott
Luke Jonathan
Josiah Benjamin

Come home to dinner! Right now!

And that is what middle names are for?!?!?!


Maria I. Morgan said...

Ah, middle names! We also use our daughter's middle initial as a term of endearment. Love the photo you incorporated!

Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons. I can definitely relate to the diet roller coaster! I usually do pretty well at home, but it's the vacationing that trips me up every time! Must remember, "everything in moderation". No room for gluttony! Have a great weekend & God bless!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeehee! I need to remember this as a teacher! THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER! I AM A BELIEVE AS WELL and I am working on my next post...a little miracle took place that I have to share....SO GOOD TO MEET YOU, CHeri!!!! Anita

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I never used middle names that way, but my mother did. I actually gave my kids typical middle names in case they did not want to use their unusual first names when they grew up, but they chose to stay with their first names.