Wednesday, October 6, 2010


She called in tears, no, hysteria!
"Is dad there?"
I wanted to know, had to know, what was up? She (our daughter) never cries. Not unless it looks as if the moon will fall from the sky and the sun will no longer shine.
My heart nearly stopped but she would not say. She wanted her dad.
I watched his face as he took the call. It was covered in every kind of sadness. Her tears ... was that all it was that was making his face draw up and his eyes fill with tears?
I waited.
Was it really serious?
After four years of marriage, our daughter had never called to complain of one misunderstanding. They are an independent couple, working things out on their own. I was sure that it was trouble of another sort.
"Drake has been stabbed."
I screamed and my whole body began to tremble.
Drake is a darling. I think I have told you before. My eyes swell with tears as I describe to you my one and only son-in-law. I love this young man as my own son. He is wonderful. I adore him. The more that I know him, the more I appreciate him.
My husband and I began to run in circles trying to get ourselves ready and out of the door, through traffic and to a New York City hospital to see our dear ones, Drake hurt, Ashli by his side, both suffering in different ways.
We got our son Caleb (who also lives in New York) to drive us there. By the time we were on the road and in the heavy traffic, Drake was released from the hospital and they were both taken to a New York City police station where we would wait while he was being interviewed by detectives.
I will never forget the relief I felt when they walked through the doors of the waiting room where we sat waiting for their arrival. Ashli melted in my arms. I thought I might never let her go.
We had not been to New York City to visit them since Christmas. We had been there a whole 12 hours when Drake was assaulted and robbed and injured. He is a strong young man and fought back hard. The Lord protected him and spared his life. He will be alright. Soon. But it was hard.
We have been traveling for many days. We have been in many states and done many things but on the day when our children needed us, we were within reach. We could be there. The Lord knew.

It seemed as if we had planned our way, but the Lord had set our pace. We knew that He was the One who was in control. And we are glad.

"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9 NLT


Grace Wheeler said...

Oh Cheri. Wow. Grateful is the perfect title for this post. How scary!

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

I had no idea that you were on the East Coast. Wonderful that you were able to be there for Drake and Ashli.

myletterstoemily said...

oh my goodness. what a chilling story.
did this just happen while you were
traveling? how horrifying for your sweet

thank the Lord your son in law will be
ok, but i can't imagine the terror.

i have wondered where you have been!

of course you're a real person!!!!!!

Joyful said...

Oh is everyone doing now? (((HUGGING YOU)))

These past 3 days I had a friend go through a horrendous time, but she was not within my physical reach, but my spiritual reach as I prayed continually for her. It hurts so deeply when we can't touch and see. So thankful the Lord gave you that gift of being there.

Love ya,