Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When We Walk Together

A friend and I have been walking together in the wee early morning hours. We pull on all our wraps, head for the walking trail, and share with one another rich conversation. We never run out of things to say.

I have walked this trail alone many times in the past. It is a long and seemingly arduous journey when traveled all by myself. I have to talk to faithfully talk myself into taking the next step of the journey. Over and over I say to myself, "Its not so far!" but inside I am thinking, "When will I get to the end?"

However, when walking with my friend we are turning around and heading back to our starting place before I even realize how far we have gone. We are enjoying sweet fellowship so much that we want to slow down at the end of our trail to stretch out our time together.

When there one of us has an ache or pain it can be a little more difficult. The first day we walked, I got two huge blisters on the back of my heals. I came home with some bloody looking shoes. Truth is, I was enjoying our conversation so much it didn't seem to matter that my heals were getting raw.

Our rich fellowship has spurred some thought. Was it easier for Paul to sing in prison with Silas beside him?

Perhaps they sang in harmony.

They might have made a pretty sound.

Maybe not.

But it made the earth tremble.

Sunday, Pastor shared a story of the prize fighter George Foreman. George was asked what was the most memorable moment of his life. Everyone expected his response to be the moment he was named heavyweight champion fighter of the world. George told a different story instead.

He had attended a special olympics event. A race was being run, with a little guy, "Billy" in the lead. Billy was dragging a lame leg but running the best he could in spite of his handicap. He got to the finish line, stopped right at the tape and looked back. His best friend was in second place. Billy went back to his best friend, took his little hand, and they crossed the finish line together. Victory with double joy.

Memorable for George and me.

We can accomplish so much more when we walk together.

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myletterstoemily said...

that is for sure! i can accomplish three
times as much if someone works along
side me. sometimes i can't even start
unless i have a companion.

what a sweet, sweet story of the special

i've missed you!