Friday, January 17, 2014

I started writing to her before she was born. "I feel you, life within me. The way you are moving, I can tell that you are ready to explore the world," I say. Today is her birthday and I am thinking about her so much!

I kept a journal for all of my children. Josh was about one when I was inspired, but I started shopping for a journal as soon as I knew I was pregnant with the other four.

I was always pointing out the wonders of the world when they were little, pointing forward. There were so many things that I wanted my children to notice in life; beautiful sunsets, buttercups and roses, rainbows and country roads. I wanted them to be alert, fully aware when there was something worthy of their attention on their path, so I was continually pointing out the beautiful things. I wanted them to pause, enjoy, breathe in the glory of it. "Do you see . . ." I was constantly saying, in between, "Don't hit your brother!"or "Come to dinner!"

Their journals, little books where I kept notes, tiny snippets of their growing up days, with my finger pointing behind to our once upon a time. Reflections of their youth, how I remember it. I didn't write every day. I would try to remember the cutest of their conversations and jot them down so they could remember them one day. It was for them, but I gained much joy through the years rereading the pages.

It was a secret mission. They never suspected that I was collecting fodder for their little journals. They were surprised when they reached their 20th year or so and I handed them the story of their life, as seen through momma's eyes. They treasure them now, but someday they will treasure them more. 

Long after I began my quest to write to my children, to make a record of their journey, I was at the funeral dinner of my beloved grandmother. On the table with the one million, nine hundred and fifty-nine pictures she took over the course of her lifetime, there was a little date book that she had used as a journal. "The babies came over today. Chris and Cheri, the dears." She didn't write every day, but every day that she did is a treasure that I will forever hold dear. 

Do you have babies in your house? This is one way to journal. You will probably do much better than I, be more consistent capturing your little one's beautiful jargon, but even if you scribble or misspell a word, your children will treasure your effort. One time I wrote "Dear Caleb" in Josiah's journal. I hate to say it, but it happened more than once in one journal or another. I am the mother of five, that should explain. I was often bone weary when I wrote. 

I really would love to hear about the creative ways you have kept journals. Do share! 

Blessings for a wonderful day, friends!  

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Danielle said...

I want to do better about recording things for my babies. I have their baby books in a cupboard in the laundry room and I'll throw little notes in them occasionally, but I desperately want to do better! maybe a little notebook is the answer...