Thursday, January 2, 2014

We pray expecting God to say "yes" to everything we ask. There is nothing wrong with praying with expectation. 

In fact, I think we should expect something to happen when we pray.  Not because we are able to order God around, but because He has instructed us to ask. He has made it clear in His Word that He is able and willing to help us. 

And He does. He gives and gives and gives. He is a very compassionate and giving God.

There are times when it appears that He flat out says "no" to what we want, though. Our knees are worn for the bending, our tears could fill buckets, and still He has His own way.

It is not "no" that He is saying, dear one . . . I believe His fatherly voice whispers "this is the way, follow Me". 

It is not the path we choose, but it is the best way for us, or else He would not let it be.

A dear friend passed from here to there last evening. Her daughter's wedding is scheduled in a few days. We have all prayed and prayed and prayed, believing that Kathy would be at that wedding. Somehow I think she will be, but it will not be as we have prayed for. It will be better for her, harder for us.

Would you please pray for the family that I speak of? It is hard when the Lord redirects our life. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. We trust Him, but please pray. Thank you.

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