Wednesday, January 8, 2014

She has been standing for awhile. She stands, she squats, with grace she bends to pick up trinkets from the floor. Graceful girl. Her bend is like a plie`, ballerina style.

She can do it, this walking thing, but she has yet to realize her ability.

Baby steps begin. We cheer. We clap. We are so excited. She returns a grin that would melt the heart of brute or bear.

Before now, our arms have been full of her. For several joyous months we have swaddled and cuddled and drawn her near to heart.  We have carried her to parks, supermarkets and church. We still do, but time is short. This we know. She is learning to run.

She will choose her own way soon, much sooner than we are ready for. For time has wings, how it does flee!

This beauty is my grandbaby girl. Our sweet Petra. It is her first steps I journal here.

My daughter will move to London soon. She is packing up and crossing the ocean to work in the city where Queens have reigned.

She began with first steps, long before she had passion for shoes. Years ago we heard the lyric of pitter-patter, her feet running to us. We clapped, we cheered, we were so excited to witness her finding her way. All of her steps led toward home, until one day . . . they didn't. Now her feet will lead her to tread paths where royals have trod. She will learn to have tea at four. The Thames will be close to  her front door. She will look on Tower Bridge everyday.

I never dreamed, at the dawn of her first steps, where her way would lead. Crystal ball did not reveal, I had no idea those tiny feet would live in London someday. I am so proud of her, but I know the way I will miss her. So sweet and bitter all at once. Life is like that at times, no? 

It all began a long time ago with, "Come to momma, Ashli! Come on, Babygirl! You can do it!"

The song begins again with a new generation.Where will Petra's feet take her? We do not know, but we have learned to appreciate every minute we can with her. Every single smile, every single bit of time we are given.  And we enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 

We are dreaming of spending a few days in London someday. Our thoughts are only in dream form. I have my fingers crossed. I hope! I hope! I hope! Perhaps we will get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth, should we get our way, but it will not have the thrill I will feel when I am finally  in the presence of my girl again, my Ashli Elizabeth. I honestly don't know if it will ever be, the trip that is in my mind, but I will happily think on it, pray for it, and hope. It would be grand if I could go with Petra in my arms and her brother at my knee . . . and of course her mommy and daddy tagging along. 

"Dream big," I always say. "It never hurts to dream. You never know where your dreams might lead." I have heard myself say this to my children at least a million times. 

"Nothing is impossible with God." 

So we believe.

Thank you for listening to another of my tales.

"And they lived happily ever after . . ."

Plie`!  And good day!

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