Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sharing a bit of our ancient history today. We were in the car on our way to Branson, MO, our honeymoon destination. Scotty turned to me and shared a brilliant idea, "You should write about this. Do we have a notebook in the car?"

I thought he was the most romantic man on the earth . . . I hadn't noticed a lot of romance before this moment, but maybe, just maybe he could be romantic. 

I scrounged until I found a little notepad and pencil and I began to write "we are so in love" kind of things.

"You should record the prices of everything, because by the time we've lived in wedded bliss for fifty years or so, the prices will be so different. It will be interesting to compare."

hmmmmm . . . okay, maybe not so romantic.

That was our very first travel journal. I've kept several little journals about our travels through the years. Some have survived. I made little journals for each of our kids after some of our trips. The one that comes to mind is a trip we made to New York City one year . . . long before Caleb or Ashli ever lived there. I made little scrapbooks and put pictures and postcards, ticket stubs and such on the pages. It was very much cartoon style. I individualized them for the kids, according to what was most special to each one of them. One of my favorite pictures was of Scotty kissing Cruella Deville (she was made of plastic) in the Disney store. So romantic, that guy! That picture went in all of the journals! He got in trouble for that. We had so much fun in that store! They were too happy when we left!

Scotty and I took a trip a few years ago. We went to fourteen states in fifteen days. Every night I would ask him what his favorite moment of the day was. I wrote our memories down. 

Can I share one of my favorite things we did on that trip? The big news of the day that there was supposed to be a spectacular meteor shower that would begin around three a.m. We were in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains at the time. We set an alarm, dressed in all of our winter clothing (it was August but we were Rocky Mountain high) we went out and parked in a field, put the top down on the convertible and watched the sky perform. Okay, that WAS romantic. There was a woman killed by a bear the day before and I was a little squirmy at times, especially when I noticed two cows lying on the ground behind the car (I was sure they were bears). An unforgettable night!

Travel journals are fun to revisit. You can relive your adventure over and over again. It can be very factual . . .  jotting down the price of things, or it can be dreamy and poetic . . .Whatever you decide, it helps you remember and relive very special times. Keep in mind meteor showers happen all over the world, you could enjoy one in your backyard tonight and write about it in your journal tomorrow.

Just a few ideas for a travel journal. There are so many creative ways to record a journey. The most important thing is to have a wonderful day even if your journey is only to the grocery store. You might meet someone from Paris while you are there, and that is the next best thing to visiting sometimes. 

Do you believe I have a few more ideas to share? The babies are here to play so I will go for now. Have a wonderful weekend!


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