Friday, January 3, 2014

My friend, Joy, is a writer. She and I met at a conference in North Carolina several years ago. Our hearts were knit in an instant. What a treasure to find a kindred spirit. One of my greatest blessings!

I had a little surprise from the postman the other day. I received a gift from Joy. This sweet necklace (pictured above) was inside. I LOVE it! I put it on and went to work. 

Joy did not know that the very first day I would wear my new necklace, it would be one of the most difficult days that I would experience. My co-worker passed out over the counter while she was waiting on a customer and her body was seizing. I immediately had to call 911. When she came to, she was very unhappy and said that she did not want to be treated. She resumed working. So did I. She was calm, but my whole being was rattled. Thirty minutes later it happened again. What to do but call 911. I was told to call by my superiors. 911 was very upset with me. The patient had denied treatment and there was nothing they could do . . . "didn't I know that?" 

My coworker friend, when she came out of her spell, loaded up her stuff, put on her coat and left the store. She made the 30 minute drive home without incident. 

She is doing well now.

After she left the store, I happened to look in a mirror that we have sitting on the counter. There around my neck was a message to stay calm. I could not write at the time, so I just had to carry on. 

Joy has a beautiful blog where she posts beautiful and very encouraging posts. I hope that you will stop by for a visit. I promise a blessing.  You will find her at Pondering His Presence. 

Thank you for my necklace, Joy! You are a dear friend . . . the most special kind of friend. I love you so much! Happy New Year! I look forward to reading your godly wisdom in 2014.


Joyful said...

Oh sweet Cheri, how you bless my heart. You start right off: Joy is a writer! I don't know that I think of myself as such, but thank you.

It has been a very busy and happy Christmas season and I haven't been around much on the computer. Thanks for sending me the message to check here. You are so very dear to me. I cherish your friendship so much.

I haven't been writing on my blog, and honestly don't know when I'll be back. Life is carrying me again into a different season...a wonderful season, just not time to write as I had hoped right now. I journal daily, but then time escapes me to come and sit and write more. Maybe you'll find me "Pondering" from time to time.

Thank you for letting me know the significance of the little remembrance I sent...just something that had your name written on it.

I love that our lives are letters written by God. May He write a treasure of Words over you for others to read.
Hugs, love and prayers,
PS. I trust your co-worker is still doing well.

Cheri Bunch said...

My dear, Joy,
You, my friend, are one of the best, most wonderful writers that I know. The thoughts that you have penned have deepened my relationship with the Lord. They have inspired and blessed.
My, sweet friend, you will return to the page and sweeten it with your wisdom. The world needs it and so do I.
May the Lord bless your present endeavor. I know it is for Him.

My co-worker is not well. She will not seek help. Afraid of answers. Please pray for her. I hope to be a light in her life. I love her much even though she and I are brand new friends.

Thank you again for my necklace.I love, love, love it!

You will always be my very, very special friend!

Love you much,