Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabulous Fun Fridays/Granny

It looks as if I am becoming an instant grandma to a little 2 1/2 year old blue eyed, blond haired beauty!
She has a smile that could stop the Grinch in his tracks! She is simply amazing!
Her real grandparents on her real dad's side of the family are not available to her for good reasons that are private and must be Scotty and I will indeed fill the role of paternal grandparents for her. I had no idea that this season of my life would begin in such a way.

Josh came over for coffee before work this morning with a little concern. Martha's mom wants to be "Nana" to little Bonnie. The Nana!

"This is not a problem," I say, "I truly understand........I will think of something that Bonnie can call me."

It didn't take long.......the idea.........however borrowed came back into my head........

"I have it! I know exactly what I want to be called!"

Josh grinned........."Okay????" he says........


"GG for 'Gorgeous Granny'..........that is what I want to be called!"

He approved! What could he say..........really????

Micca Campbell (Proverbs 31 Ministries) shared with us that she wanted her grandchildren to call her "GG" someday........and I told her right off that I was going to use her idea! So it isn't stealing!

It sounds so Patsy Clairmont to me! I bet she got the idea from her!!!!!

I didn't know if I would actually implement this idea or not but since "Nana" for a name is taken.......looks like "GG" is the next best option.

I wonder what Bonnie's Nana will think of that? I bet she'll wish she had met Micca before I did!

I hope your home is filled with laughter this weekend! Enjoy the simple joys of life!

Love to all!


Laura said...

Cheri, er GG,

I love it! Your little Bonnie-Lou-Who will too! You are, you know. Gorgeous, that is.

Sending hugs your way!

Daveda said...

Hey Cheri, thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog! Your awesome!

You definitely fit the gorgeous grandma role, hands down!!! What a blessing; I think being a grandma will be fun. Have a great time with your new granddaughter!!

Being loved by HIM, with you, Daveda

Joyful said...


Cheri, you can definitely be called GG because it's so true - you are gorgeous inside and out - and you just gg (go girl)!!!!

Love ya!
(The picture is great - I can hear you laughing!)

Cheri Bunch said...

You are so, so kind! Thank you for your sweet words!


Shanda said...

It is such a blessing to see the ease in which you embrace little Bonnie into your life. It is obvious that God has His hand all over the situation. Blessing you with sticky kisses and Bonnie with a family who will love her-blood relative or not!

Your picture is gorgeous! You could easily be a "GG!"