Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unexpected Affections

I wasn't expecting it.......I hadn't even thought about it yet.
She ran from the door......they were leaving but first she was 
running back to my arms for one last hug goodbye....and the 
wonderful little kiss she planted on my cheek. 
It sealed it forever.......the love I have for this little Bonnie-girl is
growing and growing. She has wrapped her little self right around my
heart and tied the strings in a great big bow.

Evening came. We decided to take Josh, Martha, and Bonnie out for dinner.
Scotty blessed the food right at the beginning of our meal, before the appetizers but when the real food came Bonnie asked if she could pray. 

We all bowed our heads thanking the Lord for the words that spilled from her heart as she spoke them:

"Thank you for my mommy.....thank you for my daddy (she calls Josh daddy),
and thank you for my family.............and thank you for our food! Amen!"

"Thank you for my family....."

Our beautiful little Bonnie.........somehow she already knows that we are family.
We are all better for being together. It is a beautiful gift to all of us. 

Bonnie rolled the little lollipop she got after dinner round and round and round until
only the stick remained. "Here!" she said, handing it to me. 

Then the kisses came. More kisses on my cheek that remained for a long time......the lollipop juices dried and held them in place.

What is it about the sweet kisses of a child? They linger in your heart long after the child has forgotten them.

They prompt me to petition the Lord for her at a whole new level.

"Thank you, Lord, for my family...........how lovely and intimate are Your ways!" 


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Joyful said...

What a beautiful gift for God to give you. He sees you my friend, and is surrounding you in love.

Sounds like today was a wonderful day!