Thursday, December 11, 2008

Singing My Song

He didn't realize I was his audience.
I couldn't hear but I could see his performance. 
It was a drive-by performance. I was watching as he drove past me in his big red Ford pickup truck.
He was singing with everything in him. Probably practicing for American Idol.
I wanted to hear so I could join in the song.
He looked happy.  Must have been a happy tune.
I love to see people drive past me with their singing face on.
I always have to smile and then wonder who has been watching me singing my songs.

One day I passed a girl (twenty something), she had both hands in the air praising the Lord with all of her might. I strained to see if her eyes were open. Did I mention that she was driving? I guess she had set her car on auto-pilot. Or there was a supreme being helping her out! She kind of made me nervous. I went directly to prayer for her.........and for the cars behind me!

Have I ever done that? I wondered! I can get carried away with my praise in the car! It is one of my favorite places to worship.  There is such freedom in my car with an audience of One......or maybe others can see and I have been so caught up that I haven't noticed. Maybe my unsuspecting audience is going around telling others that I am practicing for tryouts on American Idol. Or maybe they are looking for a way of escape when they see both my arms in the air and are straining to see if my eyes are open.

The man I saw singing in his red truck doesn't know that he made my day! 

Thank the Lord for music! It does gracefully escort us down this path called life.........
And it lifts heaviness........
and sorrow........
it stirs joy.........and peace.........
it calms the heart and settles the mind........

Do angels sing?  A little girl asked me that question one time........
Well, angels do not try out for American Idol.........
but I believe they sing..........with all of their heart.........with hands raised.......or faces praise and adoration to whom it belongs.....Yes, angels sing!

And so do men in red pick-up trucks and women on their way to town and children at play.......

and the Lord..........He sings over us!

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of song!

Fa la la la la, la la la la!


Joyful said...

Cheri, I love all your posts, but this one has to be one of my favourites!!! I'm a music gal. I sing - not in a red Ford pickup truck, but the vehicle is non-essential.

There was a time when I would have been mortified if someone saw me singing, hands raised in my car...alone...but I'm so thankful that the Lord has freed me from those chains and that I can abandon myself in praise for my Audience of One.

I know we have to be careful, but I wonder if Jesus really does 'take the wheel' at times when we're lost in praise as we drive along....

Words to an old hymn say, "Singing I go along life's way, Praising the Lord, Praising the Lord..."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we really could teach the world to sing in perfect harmony to our King of Kings,

God's Girl said...

I love it! I love to worship with my daughter in the car (hand motions and all) and we get all kinds of looks. I am finally at a place where I'm not too shy about it.

Thanks for sharing!