Friday, December 5, 2008

Fabulous Fun Fridays/Who is Coming Home With You?

Thanksgiving was very quiet at our house this year.

Three of our children and our son-in-law were in New York City celebrating together.
Josiah, our youngest,  wanted to go visit Caleb, Ashli and Drake in the big city  and Thanksgiving seemed the best idea because he would have some time off from school.

I sent him off on a big jet plane with his hair kind of long and out of control.........hoping that his sister would get her hands on him and convince him that he should trim up some.......

Monday, I was traveling to get Josiah from the Kansas City airport when I got the news.............

Cholo, Ashli and Drakes beloved dog was coming home with Josiah. What???????

My unspoken request had not been heard! I wanted Josiah to come home with a haircut..........not a dog!

Isn't there a verse in the Bible about making your requests known? I think there is an application here!

Well, what to do? Cholo and Josiah have arrived........

I am babysitting my granddog..........and he is getting spoiled! So spoiled! I don't know if she will want him back.........because we are spoiling him!

Ashli called last night. She said she is still talking to Cholo even though he is not there.......because he is always there!

She will be coming home and will take him back with her at the end of the in January I might be talking to a dog........who is no longer here...........and there will be more fun stories!

Have a joyful, delightful, amazing weekend!



Ashli said...

Yes sir! That's my baby!
No sir! I don't mean maybe...

Can't wait to re-unite with the little monster. Sounds like he's won you over!

Laura said...

What a cutie!It just wouldn't be the holidays without our furry baby! You will have so much fun...

I just read your last post and want to send my prayers along for this love. It must be hard to watch their hearts come and go...I don't know how I will handle dating and all that!

Also, thank you for your encouragement on my last post, Cheri. Your story gives me hope. Though I have tried so many times; hope is hard.

It's in His hands.

Love ya,


Shala said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, that is all that I have to say to you. You know that we are nuts about our dogs - and I am absolutely convinced that they know what we are saying. Not having pets growing up, I did not realize the joys that they can bring to your life.

We have a Grandogger - her name is Zoe. She is a bassett hound that Jana rescued - she is absolutely adorable. She fits right in to our little family - right in between my little dog, Sugar and my big dog Scruff.

Tomorrow morning, Chuck will take Scruff hunting very early in the morning. They will leave between 6 and 6:30. If I did not spoil my dogs so much, I would be able to sleep in and enjoy a quiet morning. But, NO, I will get up very early in order to take Sugar for a car ride before Chuck and Scruffy leave for the morning. As long as she is gone when they leave, we don't have any issues. Before I figured this trick out (i.e. before my dog trained me) she would whine relentlessly until the big dog comes home - which could be many hours in some cases. Since we have started going on our car rides, Sugar and I have been able to come back home and snuggle up in bed for a few more zzzzzz's.

We love our dogs - I think you should consider getting a house dog for you. Now that would really be something!

Love ya,

Joyful said...

Oh my goodness....might I have to doggie-sit someday?? I better warn my son now that our "open door" may not extend that far - hahaha!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Cheri! Thanks for your precious e-mail the other day. You are such a treasure! Come on over and see my Christmas give-away. I'm participating in Lysa's cool Christmas weekend!

Love ya,