Monday, July 21, 2008

Capture His Heart

In 2007 I attended a She Speaks Conference in Charlotte, NC. This was my third time to attend. Before I left for NC, I made a decision that I would not come home with a miniature library this time. All those books sure make for heavy luggage!

Of course when I arrived and began to see all of the wonderful books they had displayed on the book table, I had to tweak my decision a bit!

I attended a class by Lysa Terkeurst called "The Power of a Story" (which is a fantastic class). It is a very entertaining class and full of information. I really enjoyed it. She read an expert from a little book she had written titled "Capture Her Heart". That chapter is a beautiful work of fiction that did capture my heart. I had already passed my quota of books, however another trip to the book table was necessary. I purchased both of Lysa's books "Capture Her Heart" and "Capture His Heart".

"Capture Her Heart" is written for husbands to help them in their marriage relationship. "Capture His Heart" is written for wives to help them in their marriage relationship.

I had a plan. I put both of the little books in our bathroom and I thought I would just wait and see if Scotty would pick the one up for men "Capture Her Heart" and read it. Well, girls, I just have to tell you, it didn't take him long. I was soooo happy. I know that my cheeks flushed and my heart raced at the thought of what we was reading. I was sure that Lysa would educate him with the best information that would build our relationship into quite the romance.

Scotty read that book about halfway through and then it just laid open and upside down marking his place for the next time he reached for it. I was watching and I was so thrilled that he was reading this book. I just new it was going to bring about some home improvement!!!!

Let me bring you up to date. Yesterday I decided to wash the sheets on our bed. When I went to put the sheets back on the bed there was the book "Capture Her Heart". My husband was sick with the flu yesterday. He stayed home from church. While he was resting, he picked up that little book again and was reading it!!!!!!

When I first picked up the book, my heart did it's little dance! He was reading about ways to capture my heart. Can you believe it? I was delighted all over again. And He didn't even feel good!!!

All of a sudden my heart stopped dancing. I stood holding that little book that is becoming worn and realized with shame that I had not even cracked open the little book titled "Capture His Heart". Do you believe that? I couldn't! I was so ashamed of myself! I had planted those little books there. Both of them. The one for me to read still looked brand new. I was not participating in the home improvement plan. Conviction took over!

I could not get to the bathroom fast enough to pick up the little book that I should be reading. I began to read. Wow! I read the first chapter! And then the second! And the next........! I wished that I had begun to read it sooner. There is such a wealth of wisdom on those little pages! Wisdom that will make a struggling marriage better. Wisdom that will take a good marriage over the top!

May I recommend these little books to you? I know you will be very blessed by the wit and wisdom that Lysa has painted on those pages. I think it has the power to spark something special in every marriage.

Those books are available through Proverbs 31 Ministries. I hope that you will purchase them. I know that you will be blessed!!!!



Joyful said...

Cheri, thanks for this precious reminder. I have "Capture His Heart" and read it YEARS ago and then put it aside. I will resurrect this book and I'm going to pray that re-reading it will also breathe fresh life into my marriage as well.

Thanks for this encouragement!
Love ya,

Joyful said...

PS. I realize that just "reading" it isn't going to do the job...applying it will :o)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That is so wonderful. I'm glad that these books have been a wealth of knowledge to use for your marriage. Lysa is indeed great at writing and reaching the heart in a down to earth way.
PS. If my marriage is restored and I remember, I'll make sure to purchase these two books. Shame on me after my Faith post...I should say WHEN my marriage is restored.

Melissa said...


It was so good to hear your voice today over the phone!

Your husband did real good! I had "Capture Her Heart" lying around for 6 years before Jeff finally picked it up, but when he did it really did help him to understand me a little better:)

I love your blog! I'm relatively new to it too and I don't know how to do much on it except write!

Anyway, keep writing! I look forward to reading future posts!

Much Love,

Melissa said...

One more thing...YOUR FAMILY IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! Good land, what a beautiful crew!


Cheri Bunch said...

Thank you, Melissa!
Thanks for checking in! It has been a crazy week and I haven't kept up with getting my thoughts to my blog....I must get to work on it soon or I am going to have a mental overload!
I appreciated your help yesterday. I received my devotion a little while after we talked. We are back on track!
I always love seeing and hearing from you! Please keep in touch! Next year in North Carolina!!!!!
ps. Have you gotten to go to the Billy Graham Library? It is a must see and experience. I loved it!

david james said...

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