Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Instead Of Why

I have met a giant of faith! She has impacted my life in powerful ways in such a short time. I wish I would have known her way back when I began my journey with the Lord. I think I might have chosen an easier route at times on my walk with her faith and wisdom to help instruct me.

However late our meeting, I have gleaned a huge amount of wisdom from her. One of her bits of wisdom that has made a definite impression on me I would like to share with you.

"Whenever you encounter trials and tribulations, do not ask 'why?' or 'why me?' instead ask 'what'. SUE TAYLOR

Life would be so different if we would simply learn this principle.

Instead of a, "why is this happening to me?" focus, imagine life with a "what" focus.

"What do you want me to learn from this, Lord?"

"What can I do to make this situation better?"

"What is Your will on this matter?"

"What can I do to bless You, Father?"

If others are involved:

"What can I do to love them more?"

"What can I say to them that will bless You, Lord?

"What will impact them the most and reveal Your love to them through me, Lord?"

It is so easy to fall into the trap of self-pity when we are encountering difficult situations. Self-pity will never bring about a victory in our lives. It will only increase suffering and prolong our stay in the troubled season. Something as simple as redirecting our thoughts can bring about great change. Even if our circumstances remain the same, our hearts will be lighter and our joy will be full because our focus will be different.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What are some ways you have prayed to keep your focus in the right place during difficult seasons? I know your thoughts will empower many!



swallowingamoose said...

Awesome Post! I need to put that to practice today.

Good to hear from you! Sorry i had to leave early and not get to tell you goodbye. There was only one flight out of Charlotte to Sarasota. Therefore, I was stuck!

Cheryl (Daveda's mom) told me in conversation that your husband was a chiro. We somehow started talking about what i used to do before Interior Design and i told them that i managed a large chiro office. Then she told me. We were part of Body By God chiro fellowship from it's beginning. Mainly because they used the techniques we practiced- CBP, activator, Pettibon- and loved to blast Christian music & witness to our patients. I managed the office and trained doctors/staff who were new to the fellowship on how to run a high volume office with minimal staff, great care plans, and happy patients. I fell in love with chiro from the beginning- probably because i'm a go against the grain kindof girl. I've been a chiropractic junkie ever since! The benefits of it has been amazing and my entire family have all enjoyed the lack of western medicine doctor bills thanks to no longer getting sick. I haven't been sick since i started nearly 7 years ago. For someone with my health history that's unheard of. It's a God thing that i remain healthy and that chiropractic has benefitted me so much!

Unfortunately, I resigned from managing that office years ago. Although i still go there to get adjusted along with my family. I got married in my last months there and the hours, traveling, demands of my career there were too much. I was upset but burned out at the same time. It was hard to leave what i loved but i just couldn't agree to forever work 60-80 hour weeks, eat dinner alone at 11 PM, and only see my hubby when he came to get adjusted. God really showed me some awesome stuff there and allowed me to share my testimony with people and be privy to some of his most awesome miracles. I'm so greatful for what i learned in those years!

I went on to chase my own dreams in life after leaving there. Discovered how terribly wrong that was and have been making my way back into doing what the Lord has called me to do ever since! Oh to learn lessons the easy way! 'smile' No, it's all part of His divine plan. Including my Pitfalls and Peel-outs.

I'm glad you got back home safetly! I had such an awesome time there at the conference i hated to leave! Please do keep in touch. God has really got such awesome stuff in store for all of us it'll be great to see it all unfold.

Well, not that i've talked your ear off i'll hush! Have a great day!

Joyful said...

Keeping my focus in the right place during difficult seasons is a challenge. When hardship, fears, uncertainties, doubts all want to overwhelm, it's hard to keep my thoughts from setting up camp and spending days in self-pity and isolation.

So much of it comes down to my thoughts. Just this morning during my quiet time I read in Hebrews 11:15, "If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return" (referring to the Israelites).

If our focus keeps returning or dwelling on the past or current trials, our minds remain on the trying situation instead of on God's promises. What occupies our minds has a profound effect on us.

God's Word reminds me to bring every thought captive - easier said then done, but so crucial.

I love your encouragement to change the "why's" to "what's". Great teaching!

Focusing on Him,

Tugs said...

Dealing with a debilitating back condition everyday of my life has truely been a lesson in searching for the "what" as opposed to the "why". Early in the onset of my condition I desperatly sought after healing, and as time would pass and my condition would only worsen it was hard to continue to walk in the belief that God wanted to heal me. Many years have past since that time and I still have the same back condition, yet my faith in Him has only grown stronger. Once I came to the understanding that, "yes" He loves me and my condition was not from unrepented sin, as some told me at the time, that God in His love for me wants all that is best for me, he will use every tool to reach the furthest crevices of my heart in the process of preparing me to truely surrender myself totally to Him no matter what. Once I came to the point where I desired Him more than I desire physical healing, then I became the vessel He could use to speak into anothers heart who may be struggling with physical pain and I can speak from a place of knowing and really understanding. I've come to realize that God's greatest desire is far bigger than my physical comfort and He has promised to carry me through, all the way to my eternal home with Him, where one day I will have a brand new body and I will never know pain again. Now I seek after the "what" I can do to bring joy to His heart, allowing Him to teach me "what" He desires and in the way he desires.