Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running For the Prize

James tells us to persevere for the crown. Paul says to run so as to win the prize. Oh that prize! 

Shouldn't we keep our pace just so we can see the Lord's face? To hear His voice? To hear Him sing over us, not just know that He does, but hear Him? Maybe His embrace should be our prize? To hear Him say, "Well, done" . Just knowing that we are eternally safe........That is a benefit!

Why run as if to gain something more? Haven't we gained already? Having Him in our lives.....isn't that the greatest joy? Genesis 15:1 the Lord says to Abraham: "I am your portion your very great reward." (NKJV)

Way back in my day there was a popular song by Andre' Crouch called, "If Heaven Wasn't Promised To Me". The words of that song are still with me.......well, some of them.....

"If heaven wasn't promised to me, neither life's promise to live eternally, Its' been worth just having the Lord in my life, walking in the darkness, He brought me the light........" 

It has been worth it.  I run because I know that He is with me. I run because of all the reasons I listed before. I run because I can't imagine life without Him. 

And, like James and Paul, I do run for the prize.........for the crown! I run for it so that I will have something to lay at His feet! 

His grace will help me win the crown. His faithfulness will carry me when I am having leg cramps or cannot breathe. His joy will empower me until I get a second wind.  He will help me make it.........until I reach the finish line.........and then He will give me the prize.

And I............... I will lay it at His feet.........

Until He Shouts!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

How true...we often run for the prize but we should really run for the joy of running with the Lord. period. I can admit that I feel I'm running this current race laid before me for the prize, whether it is what I hope and believe God to do or whether it is something else. I know the Lord has plans for me and therefore I admit I am running for that prize...those "plans" I know He has for me.

In Him,

Joyful said...

Cheri, I still have a "record" album of that song. Did you ever listen to "Evie"? She sang it on one of her recordings. I often think of the words to that chorus and sing it's truth.

Running with and for Him,

Cheri Bunch said...

I don't think I have heard Evie sing it. I sang it for church years ago.

Good to have you girls running with me.


Anonymous said...

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Blessings, Heather

Laura said...

I love these thoughts, Cheri. I feel the very same way. Just being with Him is so wonderful. Can you imagine eternity with Him? It blows me away!
Thank you for your sweet words about my book. It's just a little story for young girls. It's pretty special to me and the journey it has taken me on has been totally God orchestrated! He is so good!