Monday, July 28, 2008


I have been tagged by Swallowing A Moose 's Heather. Heather is a new friend that I met at She Speaks 2008. She has one of the most amazing testimonies I have ever heard. Check out her blog for a sure blessing. I absolutely love this girl and hope to see more of her this side of heaven. She has tagged me and now I have to tell six random things about myself.

1) I love to dance! I am not a dancer nor am I graceful at all. But I love to dance with my husband.......and I love to dance in worship. I think I was born to dance. When I get to my heavenly destination I hope there will a time set aside every day for dancing.
2)My husband just bought me a new car! It is a Nissan 350Z. A two-seater convertible. I always said when my five children were small and I drove a full size conversion van, that when I was a grandma I was going to drive a two-seater car! I am not a grandma yet.......just old enough to be one. My husband surprised me and got me this car. We are having soooo much fun! I am loving this mid-life stage.
3)I love missions. I have been to India twice. This year I went to India and Sri Lanka. I took my sixteen year old son and his best friend. We were gone for three weeks. I left part of my heart on the other side of the world. I hope to go back to both places someday. My husband and I would love to travel and do missions together in the future.
4)I love to lead Bible studies. I have led every Beth Moore study, plus several others. Presently I am teaching a Bible study from the book of John. We are covering chapter 11 tomorrow. I will cover three areas; believing, waiting on the Lord, and resurrection. I am putting it together this morning. There is some really good stuff in there! I have been unearthing treasures! I can hardly wait to share them!
5)I have a dream to go on a Mediterranean Cruise with my husband. One of these days!!!!
6)I look forward to the day when I see my Lord Jesus face to face! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

1)Corrie @ How Fair the Realm is one of my very dearest friends. She writes about homeschooling, her family, and Jesus! She writes so well. I tell her that I will say "I knew her when" someday when she becomes famous for her talents. You will love her wit and wisdom. 
She is amazing.
2)Joy @ Ponderings  is amazing! Her blog is a wealth of beauty, wisdom, encouragement and love. She has a passion for the Lord and His ways. I wish every Christian woman in the world could read her blog. They would reach higher, breathe deeper, and long for more of Jesus! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Joy!
3)Laura @ The Well Blog will bless your heart. She is a delight. Laura has one of the most beautiful spirits of anyone I have ever met. She just published her first book. She is an artist with words. You are in for quite a blessing when you visit her blog.
4)Cheryl @ Tugsaxiom is deep with rich wisdom. I met her at She Speaks 2008 and I knew that we were kindred spirits immediately. How refreshing to spend every bit of time that we could together at the conference. She lives in Michigan. I live in Kansas. Jesus keeps and the internet keeps us close at heart. Let her bless you, too!
5) Paula @ His Ways....Are Not Our Ways is a new bloggy friend. She has blessed me greatly. I think you will find her wisdom rich. She is going through some amazing things with dignity and grace. Be blessed by His Ways in her testimony! 

I hope you will be richly blessed by my dear friends.

Love ya,


Joyful said...

Cheri, I am so undeserving of your very kind comments. Thank you for blessing my heart in ways you will never know. The Lord was so very kind to have us reconnect again last month. You, my friend, are a treasure - a precious gift - whose friendship I cherish greatly!

Praying for you this morning as you lead your Bible study group. Know you will have a precious time in His Word.

Love and hugs,

swallowingamoose said...

Oh Cheri- Is the convertible red or that gun metal gray? You'll laugh but i had to chose between an Acura MDX and the 350Z. It was tough!! I just couldn't see myself hauling clients accessories and artifical trees to installation days in the 350Z. If i found a way to make it happen though the next issue would be that i'm certain on Day 1 i'd drive to the job site run over a sting of nail gun nails, hit a huge pothole tearing out the bottom, and to top it off the cement guys would accidently back over it. So I opt'd for the much larger and noticable vehicle. I'm kicking myself now!

Your an incredible woman, mom. I too hope that we see more of each other.

An about the dancing thing- I too am a closet dancer. I would love nothing more than to hop my way down the isle of the 'four walled church' and twirl round & round till Jesus just takes me home. Something about the Lord just makes me want to dance and sing. Only problem with the singing part is that was definetly NOT my gift! Maybe you & I should try out for that 'Dancing with the Stars.' We'll need the portable chiro table for the intermission i'm certain. Or at least i will!

Love ya!xo

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Cheri, I hope it's okay that I provide you the random things via your comment. I've had several other tags but I've chosen not to post on my blog but I do want to share. Here they are.
1. I have two nieces who live locally and they are the apples of my eyes. They have gotten me through the worst year of my life and continue to bring me joy during this time. (They are 5 and 7.)
2. I am 34 years old and have a brother who is 13 months older than me. We were accused of being twins all through grade school and high school.
3. I miss my husband and best friend terribly.
4. I bit my nails for most my life until I had to drive across county in 1998 at which time I was able to grow nails because I was behind the wheel of a u-haul for three days (taking turns with my mom.) I've not bitten my nails since and keep them a decent length...though they do still break and are never the same length. (I never go without toe nail polish on my toes during the summer but never wear it during the winter.)
5. I am not a dog lover but I have fallen madly in love with Linda's little pup over at second cup of coffee. ( If I EVER decide to own a dog, it will definitely be a small cutie like Zoe. I've asked her what kind it is for future reference.
6. Last but not least, I have been a Christian since 1995 at the age of 21 when I went on an Emmaus Walk (weekend retreat).

Thanks for thinking of me and desiring to know more about me. Thank you for your wonderful comments about me and my blog. They are MUCH appreciated.

Cheri Bunch said...

Paula~ thank you for writing. So good to get better acquainted with you. I love what you shared. Keep in touch!