Friday, July 4, 2008


Don't you love fireworks?! I don't really care for the ones that boom and bang and invite me to jump out of my skin. I love the ones that imitate meteorites and falling stars. I could watch all night as their beauty illuminates the heavens.

My favorite display I ever saw was in St. Louis at the Arch. The lights in the heavens were reflected in the Mississippi River and it was double the splendor. We were awestruck!

At Walt Disney World there is a firework display every night. I wonder if those who get to see it all the time become very familiar with it. I wonder if they lose the awe of it.

Have we lost our awe of the Lord? The Word says that the heavens are declaring His glory.......everyday! Creation shouts of His wonder! Have we noticed lately? The lilies of the field, the birds of the air, they speak of Him.

He demonstrates His glory in creation every day. Do we miss the wonder of it? Perhaps we need to pray for renewed childlike wonder.........eyes that see as if for the first time the glory of God.

He demonstrates His awesome ways to us in a variety of other ways as well. Have we noticed? Are we in awe of them?

Acts 2:43 NASV "And everyone kept feeling a sense of awe; and many signs and wonders were taking place through the apostles."

What would happen if we had some "awe" in our lives? Maybe we should ask the Lord to renew some "awe" in us! Be aware, amazing things follow an attitude of awe!!! I am going to ask Him to stir it up in me!

Lord, I want some awe! Would You give me the grace to be in awe of you! Don't let my eyes miss the ways You demonstrate Your glory to me today. Open my eyes to Your wonders! I must see! I know that if I see my soul will dance with delight! Oh, yes, I am in awe of You! Amen!



Ashli said...

Hi mom, I wanted to send you that link that I told you about. I know that you will love it.

Cheri Bunch said...

Thanks, Ash. It is beautiful!

Joyful said...

"I stand, I stand in awe of You,
I stand, I stand, in awe of You,
Holy God, to Whom, all praise is due,
I stand in awe of You."

Thank you for drawing my attention to focus on Him. He IS an awesome God! I love that He has created fields of flowers, unseen by human eyes, for His glory and delight alone.

Praying my heart will burn within me for more of Him,
PS. It's good to be back!

Cheri Bunch said...

I sing with you!
He also created glory in the deep, deep seas and the starry heavens that for centuries only He could see. "And for His pleasure they are created!" He is worthy!
More of Him! As He is revealed to us we cannot help but bow! I join you in adoration of Him!
Blessings, Joy!

Ann Miesner said...

I love your blog. Every posting is like another leave budding on your branch. Your site is beautiful in every way. Let me know when you post a new one. OK?
You are such a blessing to me.