Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Thanksgiving is coming soon. It will be the first year that all of our children will be away. There will be three of us ... four ... maybe if my younger brother decides to join Scotty, mom and I. We are trying not to be sad and count every reason to    be thankful. We have 10 million reasons to be grateful, we know this. 
Our youngest left for the navy yesterday. I glance across the kitchen and there is his cap hanging on the  back of the chair. My heart aches with missing him. 
I am selfish in my sadness. Selfish and silly, I guess. I turn my thoughts to those who have told their children goodbye and they will not see them again until heaven. 
Caleb's best friend, Brock, died last year on Thanksgiving Day. My heart hurts for his momma. She is missing her sweet boy.
 My friend, Carla, lost her little girl, Asya, a 6 year old, eleven months ago today. Eleven months ago at this moment I was standing over Asya's little body telling her that I loved her ... telling her goodbye. This morning my heart is breaking for her momma. 
Would you please join me in praying for these momma's who are missing their children? Their sorrow is great. Please pray that they will feel the Lord's embrace.  


myletterstoemily said...

i heartily agree with you in prayer that the Lord
will console those mama's hearts.

but i also ask Him to comfort yours. i always
say, "grief is grief, and heartache is heartache."

don't brush yours under the table. it is valid,
too. you can have thanksgiving with us!!!!!

myletterstoemily said...

how about the turkey? :)

Together We Save said...

Praying for all the mom's out there.

Shonda said...

Cheri, praying for you during this time...didn't realize that Joe was in the Navy now. Wow, time flies! I remember holding him when he was a baby. Thinking about my own baby boys someday leaving the nest makes my stomach turn, but I am reminded that their todays and tomorrows are in God's hands. Blessings to you!

Cheri Bunch said...

Thank you, Shonda! They grow so fast! Enjoy every minute! Love you!

Kandace Rather said...

Praying for these moms and many others who have lost children and who have children who are away from the Lord. Only the Lord Himself can bring the comfort needed....He is so faithful to do that.