Sunday, November 28, 2010


What may I offer You in this sanctuary of worship? What is it that would please Your heart most? I ask for grace to bring You fruit ... the fruit of Your Spirit ...

                                        love born of sacrifice
                                        joy blooming, full measure, complete
                                        peace of heart, resting in gratitude

                                        patience, stilled soul, full of grace
                                        kindness, giving and forgiving, voiced love
                                        goodness, a standard exalted
                                        gentleness, whispers of mercy, tender touch
                                        faithfulness, anchor of heart
                                        self-control, self bowing to Spirit

Oh, Lord of the heavens, would You but give me this one grace ...
that I may bring You an offering of a Spirit filled vessel, this jar of clay, brimming with fruit to worship You? Will You take it and feed hungry for Spirit nations ... fill and make full and pour ...

"Only that which is born of Spirit is spirit. The flesh can never be converted into spirit,no matter how many church dignitaries work on it. Confirmation, baptism, holy communion, confession of faith ... none of these nor all of them together can turn flesh into spirit nor make a son of Adam a son of God." Tozer

"A sinner cannot grow into repentance. God's power puts him there, and being there, then he grows in grace." Tozer
                                         " ...  be filled with the Spirit ..."    

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myletterstoemily said...

how precious is your poem?

patience, stilled soul, full of grace . . .

i'm going to print this out and pin
in to my cork board.