Thursday, November 18, 2010

Together: Bible Study Fellowship

We quiet our chatter and share praises and needs. We are about to join our hearts in prayer. The Lord is attentive to our cares that we knit into one garment of praise. We hand Him the garment of prayer. Mysteriously, concern is replaced with confidence. Together, we have felt Him hear us. 

We return to place of study. Our Bibles open to a familiar place. We will linger here for now. We are camped at a watering hole. We nurture one another with drink. How can we learn so much from so few words.

"Rejoice always"

Two words, acting as musical schoolmasters, training our soul to sing harmony with Spirit. We lingered here for a measure of time.

"Pray without ceasing"

Three words, a trinity of passion for prayer, exhorting us to meet at table, often, with the One who nourishes soul.  We find a staying place. We will wait while we grow here.

The cloud moves ...

"in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for  you."

Breath of gratefulness defeats a host of fears and doubt. We polish shield of faith while camped at the banks of this drinking spot. A cup runs over and spills into mine as we share the wine of the Word. I am filled ... yet want to return, knowing there is more to be poured from the pitcher. We rest in this place.

Well rested we rise.

"Do not quench the Spirit"

Our listening ear is quickened, to follow Him we must hear Him ... then obey Him. Living faith follows the footsteps of Jesus ... in His shadow you follow where He leads You. We repent here. We don't make a scene, but we have all experienced moments of hesitation,  times of resistance. Rod and Staff persuade us to return to the path. Willingly we make our way.

"Do not despise prophecies"

It is here we stop for now. It will take a few days to unlock the meaning of these few words. I listen to my brothers and sisters, their words filling my wisdom cellar. They have moved the tent pegs of my heart with new meanings. It is here we will return next week.

Knowledge puffs the proud, I sit among the humble. They speak truth with grace. The room is full with love for the Savior, His Word, and each other.

English lace veils windows, ceiling to floor, in the front room of our home. I pass by the lacy veils at midday when rays of sun flirt with patterns of ivy and roses. I return at sunset when sun blazes through. Orange of sky brings depth to beauty, adding more to much.

It also happens to us. Our little group of friends linger on passages, verses with few words, that have beautiful meanings. As we wait,  depth is added to beauty, much becomes more and it changes the glow of our souls. We regather to study, full of rejoicing, prayerful,with grateful hearts, full of the Spirit, willing ... (well, hopefully) because we have lingered, allowing ourselves to be changed by a few powerful words. Together.



Thoughts for the day said...

Beautifully written... and I LOVE lace curtains... and the fellowship of friends as the word is shared between them all.

myletterstoemily said...

this is lovely, rich, and anointed.
your bible study must be amazing.

Laura said...

This is so beautiful, Cheri. And your photos are perfect. I am stilled, quiet.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. I am so thankful for you this day.

myletterstoemily said...

hey cheri!

just wanted to wish you a wonderful
thanksgiving day with your precious


myletterstoemily said...

woo hoo!!!!! that's the best news ever!