Wednesday, November 13, 2013

 We call him chief. He is the one who always assumes authority whether or not he is actually the one in charge.

"We will eat . . . "

"We will go . . . "

"We believe . . . "

A choleric speaks for everyone . . . all the time. They like to be in charge.

Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, these were probably the Choleric personality style. The Choleric or Lion  are born leaders. You feel their presence when they are in the room, whether or not they speak. They will speak though. They tell you what they know and they will expect you to agree with them. They are not as concerned with the feelings of others as much as they are about being right . . . which of course they always are. They are chief. Their dominance can be overwhelming.

They are typically very responsible. They are not easily intimidated, this quality alone makes them leader worthy, but they are not always good people. Gang leaders are most likely choleric.

When they do choose healthy moral leadership, they are the best. Their dogmatic tendencies help a group to create healthy and steadfast boundaries. 

There are fewer cholerics than any other personality group. This is a good thing. 

Do you have a friend that is a choleric? You are blessed. They will be committed to the death. 

Is your spouse this personality style? Then you probably are a phlegmatic or a melancholy personality type. 

These strong, wonderful people come out of the gate knowing who they are. As children, they can be super challenging to raise. Even if you are a choleric, it will be challenging to raise a child with this personality style. 

Tomorrow I will share about the Phlegmatic or Golden Retriever personality type.

Thank you for stopping by. Blessings! 

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