Friday, November 8, 2013

 Can you see the male and female duck in the middle? He  just happens to have his mouth wide open.

Scotty and I are taking classes so that we can join a church here in Louisville. We get  up very early every morning, so days can get very long. We got through the first session  of class with Scotty only yawning twice. We had a short break, the second session began. 

Pastor tells us that he hopes this part of the class will not be long, or boring.

Then . . . 

Scotty yawned so loud. Not once, but four times. We were sitting in the middle of the room . . . elderly ones among lambs . . . seriously, I believe you would think so,too. 

It reminded me of when I was a little girl. My family would be sitting in church and my little brother would stretch into a big gigantic yawn accompanied with lots of sound. My mother would reach over and cover his mouth with her hand, but everyone still heard.

I did not handle yawn number four so well. I began to giggle. I was holding it back as best I could, so no one could hear, but they could see. My body got the jiggles . . . earthquakes have less vibration. Tears began to run down out of the corners of my eyes. I tried to catch them before they got to my cheeks. 

I was laughing at him because he was making a scene. Now I was making a scene and I could not stop! I wanted to run out of the room. Why did we have to be right in the middle of all of these young people? Center stage?

Scotty got tickled that I was laughing. He leaned over and wrote sweet nothings on my paper. It was kind of personal, so I will not share. I can tell you, it did not help me suppress the giggles one little bit! 

I felt the instructor's eyes on me. I dared not look.

 It seemed like I wrestled with giggles for at least twenty minutes. Not sure what the instructor was saying. I know that it wasn't funny. I don't think it was boring either. We were just in our own little world.

Finally, my eruption of giggles subsided and I dared to look to the front of the room. The face of the man standing behind the podium was beet red. Oh, dear, I think I embarrassed him, too. 

We made a scene. We do that sometimes. Growing old together is so much fun, and sometimes a bit awkward!


Laura Boggess said...

I think it's the sweetest thing that you two still get the giggles together! You and Scotty are an inspiration, Cheri. I think I might write some "sweet nothings" to my hubby right now...

Joyful said...

That's so adorable!

Question...are they still going to receive you into membership? Sounds like this congregation might need a little more laughter. :-)

Love you,

Cheri Bunch said...

Thank you, friends. We have a great time!
A lot of the new member wanna-bes are college students. Or just out of college. We feel old. Not middle age, even, just old.
We have so much more fun now than we did when we were their age. I wouldn't want to trade them places . . . for the most part.

Blessings to you, sweet friends!