Thursday, November 14, 2013

She brings calm to storm, peace to trial, tenderness to pain, and is patient with proud ones. 

She has a Phlegmatic or Golden Retriever personality. 

These dear gentle people are silent pillars that usually hold us up and keep us together. They are the peacemakers. Are you familiar with the character, Diana on Anne of Green Gables? She has the nature that I am speaking of.

They tend to be slow, meaning they don't get in a dither about things. They pace themselves a few notches below everyone else. It is a must because they are very busy enjoying the finer things in life that the rest of us so often miss. They can drive a Choleric absolutely crazy!!! Golden Retrievers might be mistaken for lazy, but they aren't, their priorities are just different than most of ours.

Our youngest is a Phlegmatic. He was a delight to raise. One time I was working and he called me to come home, "Right now, mom!" he said. Not being his nature to panic, it stirred panic in me and I hurried home to him. 

He wanted me to see the purple wildflowers that were blooming in the meadow. Wildflowers do not linger! He got on his little dirt bike and instructed me to climb on behind so that he could take me to see them in their full glory. Hop on  I did, in my dress and all. We crossed the muddy creek and went to the meadow. Breathtaking beauty! I cannot remember one other incident of that day, but that little ride around our meadow is forever tucked away in my heart. 

When Josiah was 18 months old, I was going through one of the most difficult of seasons. My heart was literally breaking. One night I prayed that the Lord would send an angel to comfort me. I reminded the Lord that even He needed angels to comfort Him when He was here walking about in our tough world culture. Minutes later I looked up and there was my little Josiah, angel on assignment. He was without whimper. I took him in my arms, headed for the rocking chair, and rocked for a long while with him nestled against me. My heart was strengthened with his presence. The Lord had answered my prayer . . . not like I expected . . . but in an even better way. I put my little man back in his bed and he never made a peep. He didn't wake for himself. He was awake for me.  

This one has many times been a comfort to me.

Do you have a dear Phlegmatic in your life. I pray so. They are dear, wonderful people. If not, perhaps you need to buy a GR puppy! 

Tomorrow we will discuss the Sanguine. 

Blessings, my friends! 

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