Friday, November 15, 2013

 "Let me entertain you . . . " is their lifesong.  Sanguine or Otter personalities believe that life is a stage, and they prefer to be front and center on it.

 "TaDah!" they say as soon as they exit the womb.

"Hello, world! Here I am, ready to play!

 An Otter's presence will completely alter a families dynamics. They love to laugh, and make others laugh. Life is jolly when they're around with quick wit constantly rolling off their tongues. They tend to be people magnets. They have the largest circle of friends, but the majority of their relationships are very superficial. They like to keep it all on the surface, only building deep ties with very few.

Otter's are fun to be around. Their first priority is to have a great time. Their forte, looking on the bright side.Are you having a gloomy day, you should go hang out with your friend who is a Sanguine. They are sunshine for the soul.

Why spend time discussing personality styles? I raised five children and they all have very different personalities. My husband and I are very different, too.  Understanding the personality styles helped me to raise my husband and live with my children . . . oops . . . I turned that around, didn't I? 

There is some great information out there about this subject. Google or Amazon might help you find some great reads. I highly recommend. Studying this subject has been life changing for me. 

I will be back Monday!
Have a blessed weekend, my friends.


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